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Mariagrazia Lauricella


Mariagrazia is the founder and active President of the Humanity Del Sol organization and Board since 2012. She began her journey in the development industry at a young age. However, it was her love of travel and culture that led her to become a social entrepreneur and the founder of this non-profit. She is dedicated to helping to change the lives of children and youth of high trauma orphans through mentorship, livelihood education and alternative therapies.
She is also the owner of Humanity CO. a company creates and produces high-quality, exclusive travel experiences. Each experience grants 15 - 80% of the proceeds to the Humanity Del Sol mission. Mariagrazia sees a world where culture, art, food and wine intersect beautifully
with helping of the greater humanity. Her mission is a clear one from God Isaiah 61:4 
She is Sicilian-born, with roots that stretch far into Italy’s history. She is a self-proclaimed, “travel addict” and has checked off ‘travel around the globe’ from her bucket list. Greatest of all she is a servant of God; she works hard to love and serve others with integrity, transparency, and love. 

Dr Charles Travis

Board Director

With HDS since inception in 2012 as a Founding Board Member. Dr. Travis is also the Founder of the Quinta Betel Orphanage amongst dozens of other missionary objectives and organizations around the globe. Dr. Charles Travis is the Founder and President of Logos Global Network of Christian Ministries, Inc. ( and President of Aidan University ( both of Jacksonville, Florida.
He holds a Bachelor of Theology Degree from Chicago Bible College, a Bachelor of Arts degree from Christian Life College, a Master of Religious Education and a Master of Arts from Florida Beacon College, and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Covenant Life Seminary. Dr. Travis is currently completing a Doctorate in educational administration from Whitefield Graduate School.
Dr. Travis has been in full time Christian service for 58 years. He has served as pastor, evangelist, teacher and missionary. He has also served as a lobbyist for Christian schools in Washington, D.C. and serves on several national and international educational boards, consulting and ecclesiastical councils, and accrediting associations. 
His commitment and pioneering efforts in Christian education and church planting has led to the establishment of schools and churches in over 25 nations.
Dr. Travis has a very strong conviction that every believer is a minister and that every minister should have a ministry, whether in the church, market place or public square. 
Dr. Travis resides in Jacksonville, Florida with his wife Deborah. They have two daughters, Sara and Erin.

Roxanne connor 

1st Vice President

Roxanne Connor was born in Newark, New Jersey. She moved to Florida when she was 12 years old and currently resides in Safety Harbor, Florida. 

Roxanne’s background is Interior Design. She owned and operated Interiors By Roxanne for over 14 years in Pinellas County. As she no longer operates her business she continues to assist friends and family with their interior needs. Her interior design background helps elevate fundraisers and other events.  

Roxanne is a proud mom to one son. She always wanted more children and now realizes that she was meant to help many children along with being a loving mother. She is a big sister in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program for over six years. She and her little won Big and Little of the year for BBBS of Tampa Bay in 2017. She is a mentor and volunteer in the Pinellas County school and has been for over 25 years. She currently is on the board of the Safety Harbor Kiwanis and serves on the Board of Trustees for Kiwanis Florida Foundation. Roxanne is a member of the Patient Advisory Committee for Mease Countryside Hospital. Roxanne serves on the Suncoast Hospice Ball Committee for the Suncoast Hospice Foundation. 

She currently holds the 1st VP position on the Humanity Del Sol board and has traveled to work on the field with the Humanity children twice now in Mendoza, Argentina. 

Joan Collins

The why, my grandfather and two nieces were adopted from three different countries. Because of their experiences good and bad, I wanted to become involved with Humanity del Sol in order to help impact children in a positive way. I traveled to Argentina with Maria and saw first hand the needs and opportunities. My BS in Business from the University of Alabama and past experience managing million dollar budgets as a Registered Nurse, Manager of Outpatient Surgery Centers, will assist me in my duties as Treasurer. My current passions include volunteering on the rescue team for Clearwater Marine Aquarium, standup paddle boarding, reading, gardening, and traveling domestically and internationally.

Mitch Marmelstein

Mitch Marmelstein grew up in San Juan Capistrano, California where he discovered his love for Jesus and passion for Basketball. Basketball took him across the country to Grove City College, Pennsylvania where he played 4 years of Varsity Basketball and graduated with a degree in Exercise Science. During his senior year of college in 2015, prompted by the Holy Spirit, Mitch decided to grow out his hair until God fulfilled the desire of his heart to play professional basketball internationally. In 2018, through divine intervention, Mitch signed a contract to play for Atlético Club San Martin (Mendoza, Argentina). In April 2019, living in San Martin, Mitch met Mariagrazia, Founder of Humanity Del Sol at the gym and realized that God had much bigger plans than just basketball. He has fallen in love with Argentina, the mission of HDS, the children we serve.
Humanity Del Sol
Board Of Advisors

Martin Castro

Bodega Luminis 
- Owner: COO

Tony DiBenedetto

Think Big For Kids 
- Founder

Diana Muller

Gottlieb Rackman & Reisman Intellectual P.C
- Counselor 

Aleta Maxwell

Dos Toros
- Chief Human Resource Officer

Marty Miller

Melitta Coffee
- President/CEO

Jeffrey Busha

BBC Consulting 
- founder: CEO

Rick Heitzmann

- Director of Sales Operations
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